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UNIT Factory
UNIT Factory Kharkiv
The UNIT Factory Kharkiv is an innovative facility which trains IT professionals with the unique training program ucode.
Open 24/7
without days off
Academic degree or your grades are not required during the application
No teachers, schedules or lectures
Everyone from the age of 17 can enroll
Innovative learning method Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
Education based on challenges (Challenge Based Learning)
Get practical experience working with relevant technologies
Entrepreneur skills
Methodology Challenge Based Learning helps you to understand how to create your products
More than 10 projects in your portfolio after the first educational year
The X.Teams Career Center will advise and help you find a dream job
Product mindset
Learn how to think by focusing on the finished product
Soft skills
Learn to work as a team and gain 21st century skills
Join a powerful community of the like-minded people at the UNIT Factory
Become a part of the UNIT.City Kharkiv ecosystem
ucode is a training program developed with principles of the innovative Challenge Based Learning methodology initiated by Apple.
The purpose of the program is to gain practical experience in the field of programming and the implementation of creative ideas in products that are designed to solve the problems of today.
ucode encourages you to take the lead and take an active role in working together. Supports interest in the learning process and desire to develop in a chosen profession.
Challenge Based Learning
Challenge Based Learning provides an effective and efficient framework for learning to solve practical problems.
Peer learning

In the learning process, students exchange experiences and evaluate each other. In this paradigm, all stakeholders become teachers and students.
Student-centered learning
Students choose what to learn, how to learn, and how to evaluate their learning.
Learning by doing
Applied learning to overcome real-life challenges. No boring lectures and dry theory.
The main part of the educational process is teamwork. Students collaborate to develop several custom products.
Intensive Education
The program provides full employment and student involvement in the learning process. This approach allows you to absorb a large amount of knowledge in a short time.
The system encourages students to think beyond, develop critical thinking skills, and find non-standard solutions.
The Learning Management System is based on approaches specific to computer role-playing games.
A program of personal effectiveness development, interpersonal communication skills and work with people is organically integrated into the educational process.
Vasyl Khmelnitsky
Founder of UFuture Investment Group
UFuture brings together businesses in various sectors, from real estate, infrastructure and industry to innovative parks, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals. The group includes the UDP development company, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany), national operator of outdoor advertising "RTM-Ukraine", "Bila Tserkva" Industrial Park. UFuture is investing in innovative areas such as UDP Renewables, the Biopharma pharmaceutical company, the UNIT.City and LvivTech.City. Innovation Parks. The Vasyl Khmelnytsky Foundation K.Fund supports social projects in the fields of education and economy. These include the Kyiv International Economic Forum, the School of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship, the UNIT Factory educational IT-school, Lean Institute Ukraine and more.
Rick Rasmussen
Professor at Berkeley University
He was part of a team that helped 5 companies to launch an IPO, was involved in the creation and operation of more than ten business accelerators, mentoring more than 1,000 successful companies around the world.
Rick Rasmussen heads the mentoring team of the European Academy of Innovation and implements training programs for 150 to 500 students simultaneously in Nice, Turin, Lisbon, Doha, and Shenzhen. He is the Managing Director of Concordia Ventures, which helps develop innovative ecosystems for more than 20 governments and economic development agencies worldwide.
Rick Rasmussen links governments and economic development agencies to the vast resources available in Silicon Valley. He also helps to build entrepreneurial ecosystems in different countries.
Vitaliy Goroviy
Managing Partner at InSoft Partners
Entrepreneur and investor in IT projects and companies. Vitaliy has 9 years of experience in investment banking and over 8 years of expertise in managing IT companies and projects. Founder and managing partner of investment management company InSoft Partners, mentor of Kyiv Mohyla Business School. Within InSoft Partners, he deals with M&A agreements, portfolio company management, and IT ecosystem development.
What do I need to do to enroll?
After registration and a personal visit, the next qualifying stage is a marathon - a monthly selection period, which determines who can participate in the program. During this period, you will begin to study programming and see if it is what you need.
Do you need a good understanding of computer technology to enroll?
At the start, all participants are equal. Basic computer skills are enough. Students with no programming experience who are highly motivated tend to quickly catch up with those who have already dealt with software development.
What tips can you give for a marathon?
Work hard, organize your time accurately, distribute the load evenly, do not forget about healthy sleep and proper nutrition. Prioritize your goals for education at the UNIT Factory properly. Good luck!
At what age can I enter ucode?
Anyone of 17 years old and older can apply.
Can I participate in the marathon if I have other responsibilities (work, studies, etc.)?
The entry phase will require your regular presence for 4 weeks. We recommend you to postpone all the other plans for this period. Suspending them will increase your chances of achieving the goal properly and suitably.
Can I study remotely?
Since teamwork is a vital part of the learning process, you should be personally present at the UNIT Factory. All the practice material is stored digitally on the internal network, and the learners help each other directly. Absence of the student may lead to unsatisfying results and expulsion.
How may you describe an educational process?
There are no traditional summaries and grades. ucode allows you to learn programming in the process of teamwork on delivering projects.
Does the UNIT Factory have a state accreditation? What kind of diploma does it issue?
Modern employers do not request higher education, they need passionate professionals who successfully implement projects. Therefore, the traditional diploma is not that valuable in the IT sphere. Our graduates receive a certificate of completion of the program. But the main results are the knowledge, skills, and experience that will help them to find high-paying jobs in leading IT companies.
+38 068 2 4 8 16 32
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Akademika Pavlova Street, 271

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